Fracturing can be clean. 5/1

Totally awesome




If you aren’t someone who follows the news or watches CNBC non-stop then the concept of Hydro-fracturing might be way over your head, and that’s okay. Hydraulic-fracturing for the purpose of this post is basically a unique way to drill for oil, using water and other chemicals to create fractures in the earths rock to allow gas/oil to flow easier. This is a technology that has been around for a long time but until recently has it been an economically efficient way to reach untouched natural resources. However, there are activist groups everywhere concerned about its environmental impact. In particular, the use of immense amounts of water that have the possibility of contaminating people and the earth. I will be talking about a company that is trying to combat this problem because they see (as do I), that this is the future of drilling and it is only a…

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