“Why do some people seem to have more faith than others?”

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By  Matthew Halbach, Director, St. Joseph Educational Center

This probing question came up in a catechism study group to which I belong, and it got my creative juices flowing. It quickly became for me such a source for meditation that I thought I should share it–along with my musings, no matter how uninspiring or incoherent they may be–with the many unseen travelers out on the information superhighway, knowing that each bears his (or her) own cross.

May we bear such crosses with faith. And may faith, itself, never appear to us as a cross to bear.

First off, the question posed demands that we come to an agreement about what we mean by “faith.” The Church teaches that faith is a “virtue,” a “gift” or “grace.” For myself, I find the last definition to be the most appropriate. Faith is a gift, one that God constantly offers to us. I…

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